The ages-old question: What makes a good blog?

Yes, I have a blog, but it doesn’t mean that it is any good. While I may find that my musings and perspective on emerging media is the greatest thing since sliced bread, others may not. While I may find my writing style entertaining and informative, others may not. So this leads me to one question: what makes a good blog?

Many have discussed this topic, but I thought it was one to revisit since it is subjective. The following are components that I feel make a good blog.

  1. A Compelling Headline. Yes, you need to capture a reader’s interest. And if you are simply writing headlines that don’t allow the reader to want to read more, then you have failed. Be creative and have fun.
  2. Conversational. This isn’t formal writing. It’s blogging. People want to hear the voice of the blogger and not a brand. They want to see personality come through. Need some help in becoming more conversational? Check out these tips.
  3. Timely. We live in a need-to-know-now world. No longer do we wait until the evening news to get the day’s headlines. Instead, we go online. The same needs to be true of a blog. Talk about topics that are top-of-mind and current. While some topics are timeless (like this one), others have a shelf life. Make sure your blog post isn’t developed past its expiration date.
  4. Strong writing. Yes, a blog isn’t formal, but it still should possess correct grammar and supported points. With so many blogs out there, writing can truly make it stand out. In fact, great writing can make a boring topic intriguing. 
  5. Humor. Yes, be funny and invoke some personality in the writing. A blog doesn’t need to be a stand-up comedy routine, but it should be entertaining and have hints of humor.
  6. Engaging. Ask your readers questions. Have a discussion and do not just talk at them. If you are going to do this, then develop a white paper or a news article. A blog is not the tactic for this type of communication.
  7. Passion. Be passionate about the topic. If you are blogging about it, it must be something near and dear to your heart. If not, then you may want to reconsider blogging about that topic and turn your attention to another area of focus. Let the passion come through in your writing.

These are my requirements for a great blog. Am I missing anything on this list?


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