The Timeline: The Facebook Timeline

Whether you love it or hate it, the Facebook timeline is here, and it is soon coming for brands. I manage the Facebook pages for a few clients as well as the page of my employer, Roop & Co, and  as I logged in this week I received a notice that brand pages would be changing on March 30, 2012. While I think this is an exciting change, I’m actually one of those weird people that likes change, it does scare me a bit. What will we include on the timeline? How do we determine corporate milestones? What will be our main picture?

While I have reached out to both my clients and co-workers for ideas, I am still searching for what is best for a brand in the new look of Facebook. We will need to be creative, informative and compelling. In fact, it is as if we are re-inventing the entire Facebook strategy. The page is changing, so maybe this is a great way to start re-thinking what we are doing right when it comes to Facebook and what are the areas in which we need to improve.

As I have been thinking about the new Facebook strategy, I found this article from Mashable extremely helpful. This article provides tips and guidelines one can use when looking at the new Facebook timeline for a brand. Maybe it isn’t such a dauting task? And, still looking for some inspiration? Here are some creative brand pages currently on the site.


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